Types of Linens offers wholesale linens and bedding including bulk hotel sheets. However, choosing linens is a bigger decision than many property owners realize. The softness and comfort of the linens (or lack thereof) directly impact the guest experience. Ensure your guests can’t wait to slip into bed after a long day. Opt for high-quality linens like Egyptian cotton, cotton, sateen, percale weave, or bamboo. etcetera … international offers a wide selection of fitted sheets, top sheets, and pillowcases to suit every property type.

Don’t forget to consider the thread count of whichever linens you choose. 

Why Does Thread Count Matter?

Understanding why thread count matters first requires understanding what the term “thread count” refers to. Essentially, a sheet’s thread count refers to the number of threads within a square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the more tightly woven the fabric. And in most cases, a higher thread count is a good indicator of softness.

If the thread count is below 200, it won’t be as comfortable to sleep on. Since you want to offer your guests the best experience, opt for linens with a higher thread count. Look for thread counts on cotton, sateen, bamboo, percale weave, and Egyptian cotton. We sell bulk hotel sheets with thread counts of 250 to 300. 

Triple Sheeting Vs. Bedspreads

Join the movement! Many in the hospitality industry are opting to shift from bedspreads to triple sheeting. This switch offers a handful of notable benefits. Triple sheeting is more cost-effective than bedspreads. Additionally, it is easier to ensure your property is as clean as possible with triple sheeting. Every bed component can be washed daily, which is not always feasible with bedspreads. Finally and perhaps most importantly, it will drastically improve the customer experience. Beds with triple sheeting have a fresher and cleaner look, sure to boost guest satisfaction.

If you have questions or need help choosing the best products from our expansive selection of wholesale hotel linens and bedding for your property, contact the etcetera … international team today!